Thursday, 11 October 2018

Personal Shopper London/Paris - Its Me!

Haiiii korang
Sibuk kat ofis ke tu? Aku pun banyak la jugak kerja yang tak pernah siap dan entah bila nak siap. Baru rasa macam dah takde kerja then nak mengular catch-up gosip-gosip dari Beautifulnara sekali hah kau, datang balik masalah kerja haha..anggap je lah masalah kerja ni nak ensure aku dapat gaji halal kat ofis everyday ye tak..husnuzonnn hihi
Tajuk entry Personal Shopper...sape yang nak jadi personal shopper pi shopping kat oversea tuh? Ofkos lah akak dearr..I plan for an upcoming London & Paris trip this coming year end, tentatively before Christmas till New Year (doakan trip jadi ye! sebab takut ada clash with my kid schooling session dah nak start Standard 1 next year..kang ada orientasi ke..exam nak tentukan kelas ke..hihi)
Jadinya, again I open a slot untuk khidmat Personal Shopper for this upcoming trip..kali ni best tauu sebab cover:
    - Harrord's signature stuff/ collection
    - Cath Kidston wallet / bagpack / lanyard
    - adult clothes / kid's clothes either at Primark / NEXT & etc
- HRC collection items
    - Louis Vuitton
    - Chanel
    - Longchamp
    - Prada
    - Furla and etc...
So jangan malu jangan segan nak whatsapp akak (+60174801287) / DM akak kat my official biz terus jadi akak tauuu haha
Insyallah I will try to help you to buy your preferred items, take care of it and deliver it safely to you
ok then, nanti jangan lupa roger2 akak yer kalau ada yang berminat nak menggunakan khidmat personal shopper...guaranteed trusted personal shopper (you can even follow my personal IG) and all items purchase is 100% authentic, buy direct from outlet store (we can do Live Video and etc) and last but not least,  I am a friendly person..yuhuuuu jangan takut dengan I okay 
Before order, please read below terms and conditions dulu ya coz I would like to have a clear understanding between buyer & seller :
Terms & Conditions
1. All items sold are 100% authentic and purchased directly from Europe. It is on PRE-ORDER basis.
    Do follow our IG @akakbrandedshopper or WhatsApp us at +60174801287 for latest update on
    upcoming trips.
2. Order & Reservation :
    How To Place an Order?

    1. Please whatsapp / DM us the product / URL links with as much detail as possible (contohnya
        product picture, code, size, color or else screenshot jer item yang korang berminat and send to

    2. We will quote the price to you. The price quoted is in MYR, inclusive of taxes and FINAL
        (exclude postage charges, unless specified earlier). Local postage charges apply if customer
        required item to be delivered via courier service.

    3. Tax refunds are strictly entitlement as your trusted Personal Shopper - this actually covers our
        expenses in order to get the items for you. Any request for price exclude taxes will not be

    4. Full payment is required before any purchase and we will advise on the last payment date for
        each trip prior to purchase.

        For item worth more than RM 1,000.00, deposit is acceptable and final balance to be paid once
        items arrive in Malaysia (within 7 days) before arrange for any collection/postage.If no payment
        receive within 7 days, deposit will be forfeited and item will be release for sale.

        In case items ordered is not available / sold out, we will return the money back to the Buyer
        within 5 days after our shopping trip.

    5. We accept payment through bank transfers and only to Maybank account (Malaysia).
        Installment are acceptable upon request. Do check with us okay

    6. Items Collection - you can request us to courier the item (with local postage charges) or self
        pickup and agreed location between Buyer & Seller.

My 1st ever trip to London - no heavy shopping since 1st time to get to know London gituuu

my 2nd trip - Coach Outlet at Citadel, USA

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