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US Visa Application : Guide for Malaysian (Especially Travelling As A Family)

USA here I come !
Wait till you read the whole post then only you can interpret the happiest moment once you got the visa....why? I tell you..not as easy as when you apply for Australian visa for example where you can do it online by filled up few details and 10 mins puffff!! visa approved sent via email and its actually electronically linked to our passport!
Rindukan kak Britney?

Berangan ke US sebab nak poyo makan sambal udang petai berlatar belakangkan Hollywood sign? haha - ok tu aku yg berangan pfftt

As a Malaysian, we HAVE to obtained a valid Non-Immigrant Visa to enter USA if the purpose of travelling is for business / tourism. It's gonna be a lengthy structured process starting from filling up the application form (DS-160), payment (via JomPay, or EFT or Cash), registration for interview (a separate login profile), attending the interview at the embassy and then only you will know you will be granted a visa or not...Bear in mind, the visa fee is not refundable and a single mistake while doing payment will coz you to lost the money and have to pay again.
When I googled it, most of the step to step process applicable for individual application and none of it explain in detail on how would it be done for family..US website did explained it well but still I find it a bit confusing..huarrrggghh..aku kah yang lembab di sini? ok fine..since I've gone through it and I know, some of you mesti ada yang pening-pening lalat time nak start apply US visa especially apply untuk sekeluarga..ok now its easy peasy..all the lalatss you go go awayyy and have it clear with my guide below :p
1.  Go to US Official Visa - Malaysia website at this address :

Select " Yes"

Then akan appear another screen :

Select " Non-immigrant" - for business / tourism purpose yaaa

You will be directed to a page where there is a general step-by step advice. Please read it carefully for better understanding of an overall process

And oh ya, make sure ready with passport photo as per US visa standard with white background (both hard copies & soft copies) coz you'll need hard copy during interview and soft copy to be uploaded upon fill up the DS-160 form

Note : Wearing a hijab is not a problem at all. You DO NOT need to prepare a statement stating the reason why are you wearing the hijab. I have no clues before this so I did prepare a letter to justify the reason I wear a hijab but later found out that it is not required

2. Fill up the DS-160 Form

It's gonna be a lengthy process where there are more blanks to fill prepared with your passport, IC, education background, working experience and etc...different people will be asked different in my case, my husband being asked for a more detail itinerary plan.

Click this link to start the application :

Select Location : Malaysia, fill up the code and then click " Start An Application"

Remember to save your Application ID No (can print -pdf) coz you will need this to retrieve your form once you have done it halfway and plan to fill up again later and you need this ID as well when you want to schedule appointment

For this first section- if your name as per passport is Aminah Binti Hassan

Surnames : Hassan

Given Name : Aminah Binti

then bila sampai ke bahagian ni :

Select answer as above untuk Purpose to US and Specify

and so on you may continue the filling process - each will have a slightly different question so it is a must to fill up on your own

3. Pay the Visa Fee - in my case pay it via JomPay

Since I have 3 pax - me, my son and my husband, so I have to generate 3 deposit slip for JomPay because each deposit slip will have a different Reference No or called as Ref-1 (see below Biller Code) which will be used later when you want to schedule an appointment

Go back to the homepage where there is a step by step advice at :

Select tab " Pay My Visa Fee"

Look for JomPay description, Click here to generate the deposit slip :

here the deposit slip will look like - remember if have 3 pax have to generate 3 slips yaa coz each individu (include child) have to have different Ref-1 number

Then, go to Maybank2u, select Bill Payment and click "JomPay"..each visa will cost you RM680 as per current exchange rate and remember each deposit slip have an expiration date.. in my case I have 3 pax so I will perform 3x transaction of payment

And oh ya, when you click JomPay at Maybank2u, it will appear like this :

Amount : RM 680 (Visa Fee : USD 160 and tertakluk kepada current exchange rate so always refer to amount stated in deposit slip in RM)

From Account : Select your saving account lah / credit card account lah

Biller Code : 5116 (as of now - always refer to US Visa website for updated info)

Ref-1 : *14 digits number generate from deposit slip*

First I wonder why there is a Ref 2 since in the deposit slip only have Biller Code & Ref-1, later than I found out that, it's not compulsory to fill up the Ref-2. Since we only have Ref-1, so just key in Ref-1 and proceed

Keep the receipt with you and save the deposit slip as well for each member because you will retrieve the Ref-1 no later for scheduling the appointment

Payment Processing Timeline before they activate the Ref-1  for appointment process :

In my case, it takes about a week for them to activate my receipt in order for me to be able to schedule the tak payah la dok call tiga juta dua ratus kali ke embassy tanya pasaipa depa dok tak activate receipt kau lagi sebab its simple..just give them an ample time..tambah2 kalau apply time ada public holiday / festive season

4. Scheduling An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, you have to create another profile at this link :

Click "New User" and generate the login detail

Here you need to fill up some personal details & dependant details, then proceed to decide where to collect the visa (either Aramex Office, Jalan Tandang PJ or at Port Klang) and then they will prompt for payment. Like me, I've paid earlier so this step I just key in the Ref-1 No to each applicants and after that we will be directed to the scheduling page where you can select the date & time for interview.

After completion, print the appointment application and compile it with other documents required for the interview.

5. Interview Day

We've selected 16th Oct 2017 as a date to attend the interview at time slot 8:15 am. A day before aku dah ajak hubby round Jalan Tun Razak to ensure the exact location and looks like the nearest covered car park is within G Tower but you have to walk like 7 mins, across the bridge and walk again 5 mins till arrived at the gate of embassy. Sebenarnya ada open car park sebelah embassy dekat Menara See Hoy Chan tapi sapa la nak nampak kalau parking nyer kena masuk ke dalam sikit celah lorong..dah le takde symbol "P" kat tepi jalan..hurghh

And oh ya, Aqeil pun I bawak tau join the interview

Menunggu giliran dengan ketiak berketi haha peluh penat naik turun tangga jambatan..tak lama sebab we should arrived just nice 15 mins from the time slot..

1st - the guard will call according to time slot and when your time slot is being called, get in the line and prepare documents such as appointment confirmation slip, passport and IC. Don't forget, handphone switch off!

2nd - Wait for your turn and at the counter, pass over all your handphone, car key, IC and also passport coz they will put a white sticker behind the passport and return it back to you and you'll be given a visitor card and also a token to claim back your items later

3rd - Get back to the queue and wait for security screening

4th - Get in the embassy and follow the instruction to the waiting area for finger print process

5th - Queue for interview process and questions to us were :

- How are you guys related?

- Why are you going to US?

- Locations you are going to visit?

- How many days in US?

- What's your current position?

then taraaa...your visa is approved for 10 years bebeh!!

Feel like wanna do a jumping jack there!!

mmuahh cikeddd haha

So easy peasy..settle part interview can straight away went out the embassy to the guard house to collect back your items and go back home

Wair for another 2 -3 business day to receive SMS from them asking you to collect the visa if you choose pick up or just wait at home if you choose delivery

You only need maximum 1 hour to go through the process..and after all, I wish you all good luck too in your visa application!

About supporting document, I do bring few supporting docs such as bank statements, pay slip, employment letter but none of it being asked by the officer. My advice, please be prepared with all necessary supporting docs to support your application

Good Luck Y'all

Note : All info, image displayed here are credited to


Friday, 29 September 2017

Beyond the Continent : USA bebeh!

Hello korang!
Jangan ada yang Friday blues pulak ye dah esok nak cuti and tambah-tambah di penghujung bulan September nih..aii loikee sebab time ni la company hulur bonus.muahahaha. bonus walaupun ciput tetap rezeki jugak lah sebab motif aku kerja pun sebab motivasi nak travel banyak2 so kena kerja untuk kumpul duit banyak-banyak hahahaha..apa punya motivasi pun tak tauuu
Sedang asyik dok search flight via Skyscanner, suddenly aii have a feeling of "What makes me so reluctant to search a flight from KL - New York? KL - Los Angeles?". Tau sebab pe? sebab aku selalu merasakan yang cost flight ke Negara Uncle Sam tu pasti sangat menjulang tinggi and kurang-kurang harga flight dia mau cecah RM15K onwards and aku tak mampu nak spend flight banyak sebab tu aku tak pernah search flight ke sana. Tetiba harini rasa macam - why not give a try!. So aku pun search lah ke USA next year somewhere in Feb/March 2018 and guess what???
RM 8500 all-in round-trip KUL - NY - KUL (each way transit at Narita)
via Air Nippon Airways (ANA) untuk 3 beranak kami !! Ohmaiiii tak ku sangka sama murah macam nak pergi London! You can get much cheaper from that jugak via other airlines macam China Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Saudi Airlines..tapi aku ni sceptical sikit so pilih la airlines yang ada prestasi sikit hihihi
Ok terus lebur itinerary ke Rome or Japan sebab aku rasakan US ni lagi menggoda and menarik untuk diterokai. Tapi reading from most blogs mentioned pasal kerumitan untuk mendapatkan visa ke US and once dapat valid for 10 years! Aku harap passport aku sekarang yang dah ada cop merata Negara ni bleh jadi bonus untuk visa lulus cepat haha...ingat orang Malaysia ni suka ke nak overstay kat US? Kami sayang Malaysia lah..tambah-tambah bila Bang Jib kata ekonomi Malaysia makin kukuh dan mampan..sebab tu kami tak kisah pun USD 1 = RM 4.22..muahaha..ooppss jangan marah ye Bang Jibb
So jadi dah ke purchase tiket? haha belom lagi la sebab bos kat rumah tak tau la setuju ke tidak.He's good in saving the money while me? I was like throwing the money to the air acah-acah anak Sultan Brunei..haha. Well, who loves travelling know how it feels when you can travel outside your comfort see the world in a different perspective...yup!memang bila pergi travel akan bawak balik kenangan sahaja..tetapi kenangan tu sometimes dapat mengubah our point of view, cara kita berfikir and act and boleh bentuk diri kita untuk jadi lebih terbuka..lebih matang..lebih positif
I learn a lot from travelling and travelling is always my passion!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Happy Birthday Munchkin!!

Salam korang
Abeh trip berjalan 2 minggu berturut-turut buatkan satu badan aku sakit lenguh segala..rasa macam nenek kebayan pulak nak bangun dari sofa je pinggang kruuk kraakk kruuk kraak
Tapiii..tapii..kena kuatkan diri jugak sebab last weekend je available free time nak shopping barang for Aqeil's birthday falls on 17th September 2017..disebabkan jatuh hari Ahad, kita celebrate kecil-kecilan dulu then baru plan celeb kat kindy

Sebelum pape meh jamu mata Nasik Ayam iolss - presentation ala-ala makan kat St Regis tapi nasi tak sempat taruk lagi sebab tengah masak hihi..incik hubby kata dia suka ayam aii perapkan sebab juicy gituuuu..kembang hati aii tau sampai kalau suruh masak lagi sekali malam karang pun sanggup cewah!

Plan celebrate birthday Aqeil kat kindy on last Monday, so Sabtu petang tuh gerak cari barang dekat kedai borong area Sunway Putra Mall. This year kami plan bagi lunch box filled in with air kotak susu Dutch Lady, Choco Pie, Nougat Cloud 9 and etc

comel kan bekas sponge bob tu? Nampak meriah dan ceria...konpem budak-budak suka sebab mak budak tengok pun gewamm muahaha. aku dapat harga borong jadi RM 5 per box. so dah jimat tak payah beli lagi paper bag, isi je semua cekedis tu dalam lunch box ni

On Sunday, we celebrate secara kecil-kecilan di Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. Untung la harijadi terus papa dia cakap nak amik hadiah mainan besar-besar pun boleh..kan bagus kalau harijadi mak nya nanti ni papa dia cakap "Mama nak amik handbag mahal-mahal pun boleh, papa belanja!"  ahakssss
Lepas dah membeli mainan segala, celebrate birthday dekat Tony Roma
sebab pe Tony? sebab selalu time lunch hour kalau makan di Tony Roma, ada je orang celebrate birthday and staff Tony Roma sangat sporting and best dalam bagi surprise besday cake and nyanyi ramai-ramai..aii sukalah!

celebrate dengan adik aii sekali sebab besday dia falls on 28th September...

Happy Birthday lalink yang ke-5 tahun. Satu-satunya harta dunia akhirat yang mama dan papa ada..tabah untuk bersyukur dengan rezeki yang Allah bagi dekat aku walaupun kadang-kadang aku ada terfikir kalau memang satu je lah rezeki anak untuk aku, aku berharap yang masa tua kami tak kesunyian and filled with joy like what we had now..tskkk

one happy boy bila mak ngah dia pun belikan hadiah jugak..lemak berkirim lah kau yeeee

teman dia main belon kat luar mall with other kids..he mingle quit well with other kids cuma sometime kena monitor takut over the par kang abeh kena lepuk ngan anak orang..sebab anak aii ni selalu tak melawan..kena sepak kat mulut sampai berdarah pun menangis dalam diam gituu..aku pulak yang meroyan macam sakai marah anak orang haha..overprotective? ofkos sebab ni je lah anak yang aku ada

ni kek yang Aqeil pilih untuk celebrate birthday dekat kindy. Demanding dah kau sekarang ya..haha. Nasib ada babysitter yang tolong carikan and orderkan, so aii bayarkan je lah

hari-hari tanya aku bila harijadi dia...eksaited sangat nih!
He questioned me why I'm not giving a permission to him untuk pakai baju jalan-jalan time nak tiup kek kat kindy..ahh tak koserlah nak bawak sampai 2 helai baju nak salin pulak..takpe lelaki kalau handsome, pakai baju tadika pun dah terserlah handsome..kah kah kah..anyway you are always charming to me my dear..
Bila balik sekolah, Aqeil bagitau cakap cekgu puji lunch box comel and kek Aqeil sedappp..yeah kalau dah chocolate moist memang la meleleh air liur mama jugak haha
Reminiscing the old memories - 1st year birthday celebration kat Hong Kong Disneyland. Our first oversea trip and my first ever experience travelled with a baby. I did it excellent!! muahaha..I told yall..mommy is very independent and adventurous hihi
ok lepas dah habeh lepak Tony Roma, balik rumah and prepare to cook for dinner pulak..siang dah makan malam marilah kita down to earth hihi
sempat lah masak sotong masak kicap, sambal cili terung + kentang and ikan bawal emas goreng..makan pulak time hujan tengah turun memang bertambah la rasa-rasa perlu ke naik penimbang? muahaha..
always find my time to cook for the family walaupun masakan aku takde lah sesedap Gordon Ramsay..tapi orang cakap air tangan ibu pengikat kasih sayang keluarga cewaaahh so kena la rajin-rajin memasak..tapi kalau letih kadang-kadang kedai yang tolong masakkan jugak...hahaha
till then have a good weekend ahead..
Salam Awal Muharram semuaaaa

Thursday, 14 September 2017

BFF's Trip : Kota Cinta, Bali

Assalamualaikum korang..

haaa tertunggu-tunggu tak travelogue aii? muehehe
Bertemu lagi kita semua dalam rancangan travelogue Cik Pong. Kali ni Cik Pong akan bawak korang semua menjelajah ke kota cinta teragung, Bali bersama bff Cik Pong tak lain dan tak bukan..Ana Marziana!!! enteprem kawan sekejap haha

2 minggu berturut-turut keja kau berjalan ja yaa
ok lah tu dari korang rasa muak pakej nak muntah kalau aku asyik dok up citer shopping barang ala-ala nak show off macam Dato' Aliff Syukri gitteww makan bekpes roti keping ngan epal hijau ja tapi kunci keta dia keliling roti kauuu..idokler aku mampu sebegitu dek kerana harta aku takde berkoyan-koyan pun sayang oiiii.
Ok, trip kali ni adalah first oversea trip me with my long time bff, Ana. Kami kawan dari zaman university and zaman deting-deting ngan pakwe masing-masing aka dah jadi suami masing-masing dah sekarang ni, Alhamdulillah - mujur tak terima offer buat medic dekat Makassar kalau tidak iya iyalah tante tante semua kok bisa panggil gue sekarang ini dokter gituee..entah entah cewek gue barangkali ganteng gaya Nicholas Saputra muahahahahaha

ok dah la merepek...So rasa eksaited dia tu lain macam sikit sebab yelah sebelum ni gi oversea kitorang sekeluarga ja, bila ada tambahan keluarga rasa teruja dia tu memang ketara. Walaupun sebulan sebelum trip aku memang pack gila ngan kerja ofis and memang harap kat Ana la untuk plan itinerary semua. Time minggu last sebelum fly tu baru aku sibuk forward nama kedai makan nak makan muahaha..dasar tak ingat berat badan tul ;p
We booked the flight dari bulan June lagi and yup! penantian ke tarikh trip ni sangatlah satu penyeksaan jiwa raga haha..apatah lagi dok terbayang hotel yang book c/w pool tu sangat menggoda untuk buat kau rasa tak sabar nak pegi. Akhirnya penantian tu berhasil bila kami terbang ke Bali on 9th September morning with Air Asia X. Thanks again Tony for that cheap fares! and oh ya untuk trip kali ni aku apply leave 2 days extra to accommodate time slot available untuk my bff's worries

Gerak awal pagi Sabtu via GrabCar and sampai airport around bff dah reached there earlier coz ada infant so required counter check in

aku sungguh kecut perut nak naik flight menghala ke Indonesia sebab terkesan dengan kes pesawat terhempas aritu..semoga kapten ni takde la hilang akal bawak tak tentu hala huhuhu and yesss..2 jam 40 minit journey,the flight sangat smooth takde iols tabik spring dekat kau kapten!

Selamat touch down Bali somewhere around 1.20pm..dah setel imigresen semua keluar dari arrival hall terus panjangkan leher cari sepanduk ada tertulis nama iolss..aku tak nak la kejadian trip lepas berulang lagi and Alhamdulillah..kelihatan supir di hujung airport beria memegang sepanduk nama aku

Di Bali, kami menginap di Park Regis Kuta Bali and to me, it is highly recommended as the hotel located just 15 minutes walking distance ke pesisir pantai Kuta and kiri kanan ada je Galleria Mall, kedai runcit K-Mart and the hotel itself ada spa..yuhuuu

We paid RM 560 for 2 nights 2 rooms (Room type Regis Double) & RM 650 for 1 night 2 rooms (Room Type Deluxe c/w pool)

First day takde aktiviti since petang tu kami just hang out area pantai Kuta

Supir yang kitorang engage ni adalah supir yang sama bawak aku tour Bali tahun 2014 di bawah kelolaan Pak Yanto..kali ni dia hantar Pak Epi jadi tour guide kami

So lets cekidaut tour on our second day in Bali...



akan lalu kawasan ni orang dok masak bijik kopi - bau nya sungguh semerbak

acah-acah dok mengayak kopi pulekkk

perbezaan kopi biasa dan kopi luwak...yang kaler cerah sikit dalam baling tu kopi luwak..yang kaler hitam tu kopi biasa lah luwaknya yang makan biji kopi terpilih and buang biji through poo poo dia and depa ni kutip amik then proses buat kopi Luwak

amboiii hang - dah macam Aiman Tino lagaknyaa
lepastu kami menuju ke destinasi seterusnya...
Ni je gambar yang iols ada sebab time kat sini dah panas terik so takde stay lama-lama...turun ke area paddy terrace? ehh tak koser lah aku nak bakar lemak berjalan ke bawah...anak tangga ngalahkan tangga batu caves haha
time on the way naik ke Gunung Kintamani, supir ajak singgah lawat Pura Gunung Kawi..takde lah secantik Pura di Bedugul tapi since it looks unique siap ada tasik jugak so worth to visit

ecehh..pasangan remaja purba enteprem lagii
di sini stop agak lama sebab ada surau and kat sini jugak la tempat lunch..lunch nya buffet type and ada banyak restaurant kat lereng bukit yang offer view of Gunung gunung berapi tidak aktif ya
kami sempat jugak terjah Tanah Lot untuk menjamah view sunset yang dikatakan letops amatt tuu
 Nampak sunset? jangan komen muka penat para remaja purba haha

berbangga sekali trip ke Bali kali ni berjaya bawak kelainan dengan constant istiqomah gituu pakai shawl / instant dUCk..gigih tau sebelum kuar dok iron..

berposing di third day nyer tour

penat lelah jugak naik tangga sementara nak sampai ke tebing tinggi ni..mulanya kata 500 anak tangga terus aku surrender..haha..rupanya 50 anak tangga jaa..kusss semangat!!

ececeh nak enteprem jugak walaupun dahi ada tandey..hampeh tul jerawat time ni lah nak keluar huhu

saya PR dia..nak suruh posing ka..nak amik berlakon ka boleh contact saya..nak amik jadi juri kritikan pedas pun boleh haha...apa?? tak dengar?? nak jadi madu ke-2 saya? Maaf! payung dah berlambak kat rumah saya tak nak payung emas (erti kata lain : kau nak berpindah alam ke tanya aku soklan camni? grrr)

we have been friends for almost 10 years..and thank you so much sebab selalu ada through thick and thin..i love you to the moon and back..

ni supir hari ini - Pak Rahul. Pak Epi nya kepenatan gamaknya trip semalam balik lewat malam

dah setel Uluwatu..jom lah kita ke pantai pulakkk


seriously aku suka sangat gambar ni...the mixture of pantai, langit biruuu..ombakk...orang-orang sekeliling is purfectt

lepak minum air kelapa kejap sementara layankan budak-budak main pasir tengah-tengah panas nih

harini half day tour je lepastu kitorang ke acara fevret para ibu-ibu



2 jam jugaklah terjebak dalam kedai nih. aku takdela shopping sangat just beli pants, souvenir sikit..
pastu balik hotel sebab nak tukar ke bilik yang ada pool..and bila dah ada pool...gitulaaahh

penakut air punya budak..dah nak last-last baru nak swim..tak thrill la hang nii
so malamnya pulak we were having our dinner at Jimbaran
supir bawak makan di kedai Jukung Bali Seafood

a nice sunset view siap ada group busking dok main lagu romantic-romantic ja

menu malam tu - ikan bakar, sotong goreng tepung, udang bakar sambal and side dishes dapat free sayur kangkung (2 pinggan) and corn sup (setiap orang termasuk baby haha)
total cost only IDR 850,000.00 and it is cheap as we share both family.
kenyang perut dapat pulak free show bunga api depan mata sebab meja depan kami ada couple mat saleh dok propose awek dia so ada la efek bunga api..wauuuu..jeles I tauuu
the next day nya kami terpaksa say byeee byee to's time to go back to the reality..more works..more challenges..hurmm terus sedih pilu teringat kerja bertimbun huahuahua..but this is the best trip with my friend and hope that we will have more trips together in the near future...
till then...tata titi tutu 
ehh chop! chop!
nak tayang satu round beli dUCK baru sebelum gi Bali..muahahaha